Steel, Today

All things exist within us,
Anxiety, doubt, fear, pain,
Gaiety, happiness, joy, pleasure,
Each one a reaction of the heart
Gifted by the immensity of soul.

We allow feelings at times
To overwhelm us and drift
Into a morass of despair,
Or deep jungles of desire;
We learn to steel ourselves.

Nothing and no one can have
Power over us, without
We permit and submit;
We are made so bold, strong,
Able to evade traps set before us.

The Love within us, our gifts
Of emotion and intellect are honed
To protect us from mighty storms,
We shall not be forced to conform
To what negates our justification.

All we are a precious company
Set forth to aid humanity,
Pressing forward, not gazing behind,
Fixed inside this time of confusion
To dispel destructive delusions.

Wield well the weapons given
Leading others into the glow
Even as the shadows grow
Like a cold forbidding night;
All belong in Christ, made bright.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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