Anyway, Love

In bright times laced with smiles,
On long days covering too many miles,
When success breezes in, dreams come true,
At moments when failure occurs, as it will do,
Find yourself constant, love anyway.

Discovering a new love, quite delicious,
Dealing with a terrible loss, needing one solicitous,
Welcoming the advent of excitement with joy,
Finding tedium and boredom in things that cloy,
You have the power within, love anyway.

When tired beyond bearing, yet cannot sleep,
Tempted by whatever pleasures, unable to keep,
Disappointed by those you hold precious, dear,
Facing intense battles, riddled by fear,
Square your shoulders, head held high, love anyway.

Embraces that gladden hearts near despair,
Confidence enriched from many, everywhere,
Friends on whom you can depend,
Relationships breaking to suddenly end,
The brightness and darkness, love anyway.

Love is not a few words, aptly said,
Invite it to live and tuck it in bed,
Love can be defined by no measure,
Love is all, present forever, infinite treasure,
We are our most competent best when we love anyway.


Photo taken in the Chapel at Callaway Gardens. I was there a number of times doing photo shoots.

I was struggling, not knowing what I would write tonight. A phrase leapt out of the novel I am reading, “he loved me anyway.” I immediately thought we should all love anyway. The poem came with some work, but it sure is nice to be loved anyway. I believe unconditional love is in somewhat short supply.

I hope each of you has a productive week, peppered with enough relaxation to keep you fortified for all that comes your way. May you gain the successes you strive for and find peace and love in all your ways. Be well, God Bless You!

@ Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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