Heroes Today

The ones who stand in
Love even when the world goes
Cold toward others;
Those who show continual
Kindness to the left behind,
Mothers who loyal teach
Another generation
To stand firm and lead,
Fathers who invest many hours
In passing on a will to succeed.
Waitresses smiling
At all within their stations,
Firemen giving all to save
Cherished lives every day,
The families missing them.
The harried supervisor
Dealing with workers fairly,
Teachers leaving all
Tempers at home each day,
Becoming founts of knowledge, tolerance.
Doctors going well
Beyond normal strength to
Bring help and healing to those in need,
Clerks maintaining pleasant smiles
When days are long, conditions vile.
Sergeants sweating pools
As the day scorches foreign land
Serving however freedom demands,
Uniformed officers on the street
Meting out justice with understanding.
Creators forming treasures
Out of imagination’s ethereal air,
Everyone trying desperately
To make a better world today
Spreading tons of love over the miles
Doing their best in each and all parts
To believe in potential, foster opportunity,
Furnish each moment with such goodness,
That everyone can be stronger and excel.


This is the clock tower in my downtown, Douglasville. I spent a day walking about.

I hope life is going well for all of you. Always remember, even in the rough times, that you are a precious gift sent here with a purpose and a reason.

Take care, and God Bless.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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