Gratefulness ensues
Because even in poverty
Of diminishment
There exists surfeit
Of blessings and no
Lack of need fulfilled.
Many gifts are present
To keep the self together,
Content with assortment,
Equal to abilities;
Examples provided
Regular exhibit.
Aware Christ inhabits
The world as assuredly
As these words proceed;
His provision is
A presence undeniable,
Praises rise to Him
Accrue, always, forever
For all is bestowed by
Bounty of His grace.



Writing rattles in
The shuttered windows of mind,
Begging them open.


I took a nap after these because I slept only three and a half hours overnight. Caught two hours.


As a prompt, if you are able, create something that denotes your experience of gratitude in life. What you are celebrating now, or perhaps how the quality has changed.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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