Live For The Sake Of Living

Wherever you are placed,
Whatever you are doing,
Whenever you spend the moment,
However you may be feeling,
Open your being, take everything in,
Because life is incomparable, blessed;
You are living such bounty
Love bathes you in astounding
Giving you vast multitudes
Of sensory and actual
Pleasure if you recognize
The gift of reality nourishing
Radiant realms of creativity
Within you to nurture your
Exceptionally unique soul.
Living is a precious present,
So many are here no longer –
Now is your appointed destiny
Never waste your position, grasp
The aroma, music, opportunity,
Passion, sparkle, sweetness, wonder,
Live all out, no filter, in color, wild,
Outside the lines, testing the limit,
Choosing to be always free, chasing joy,
Loving as if love were all that matters,
And abundance will bless your hours.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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