Out of the Wild

In our hands only
Time, these hours, given to spend
We together un-
Lonely, choosing moments now
Will destiny freely allow
These feelings a root?
Life substance to flourish like
A flower, wild, fair
Under a forever sky
Untended, cultivated
By nature’s duty,
A generation of fate
Rising destiny
Becoming, flowing toward
The greatness of love for all. 

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I am writing away from home this evening, but the music seemed to create a need to get this down.

If you need a prompt, start with the word passion and see where it leads you. Create a work that represents your discovery.

If you enjoy your visits here, please follow Haphazard Creative, or come back at your leisure.

May life visit you with your fondest dreams, and may you never be persuaded to give up on the best of everything.



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