Thoughts in Forms

Love is the magic
In everything we carry
Within our minds, souls,
It is out beyond control
Making us all we can be.
Staying up all night
Is much more enjoyable
In good company.
Love, like stars, is forged
Beyond any influence
We can ever guide.
Sometimes we must wait
Until the spectacular
Happens for our joy.
The dearest sweetest
Things in our lives cannot be
Measured by money.
Waiting forever
Then from nowhere, everywhere,
Sudden it arrives,
All recognizing it was
How, why, what, survival brought.
Inside, outside, time
It all drifts distant away
Here, there, everywhere
Not as we are, as we wish
Dreaming, creativity.
I am grateful for friendship, creativity, reading, writing, love, life, everything, and everyone in life.
These are independent tanka and haiku. My doodle jottings. I hope all are doing well. I encourage you to exercise your creativity. Thank you for spending time with me. There is a follow button or come back when the notion hits you.
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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