Gamble Wisely

Life is a gamble
No one knows the rules of play;
LOVE one another:
Give yourself, your heart away,
Be a treasure on your way.
Soothe the many hurting
Encourage those needing hope
Speak kindly with the lonely,
Gamble your LOVE with nary
An expectation of its return.
Ever the more LOVE wagered
Marvelous the chance you may,
Discover what is freely spent
Finds its way to later fill
You when unforeseen happiness
Rises from nowhere to meet you.
If you would your life
More splendidly spend, gamble
On many people
But hold closer and befriend
Those who remember
Loving one another
Is the capital to increase.

LOVE one another,
The beauty of it will
Never cease.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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