Love For All

Did you check yourself?
Are you sure of your safety?
Can you predict an end?
We may think we are certain
But then the questions begin.
Wraps like a hair shirt
Around the entire planet
Weighing like plate mail,
Suffocation of fond hopes
Near destruction of dreams.
A broken-down jalopy
In an emergency lane
With a full tank of gas
But the motor will probably
Never have the energy to go.
Making erroneous
Decisions on policy
They should not command,
But who better to make the call
When bafflement has us all?
Can it be maintained
At a distance, quarantined?
It seems a puzzle
Everyone on our own, alone,
Our sanctuary not now home.
Love all together
Simple relationships, hugs,
Smiles, sweet, friendly faces,
These give value to our world
Without which living is mean.
For all, each person
Has become evermore dear
Of loss without fair warning
In a nightmare, wishing for dreams.
Nothing lasts forever
Love always wins in the end.
We have without doubt,
Survived worse and have methods
To help us get through the mire.
All, love is an answer
We have creativity
To send our kindness
Wherever the greatest need
And we shall triumph indeed.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I decided to use part of the last line of a recent poem as a jump in point and title for this one. Going to something previously written is often an excellent prompt. This took a life of its own. I was in no way planning a pandemic poem. I like the images. I hope you enjoy it too.

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