Cheer up, lovely, there
Is a new thing up, going,
It may be so rare
But it has gifts, with you to
Share; if you are nimble, willing.
Staring into the distance
Will conquer nothing except –
Perhaps inspire you
Within time you are scoffing
At restrictions unwanted.
No, we did not ask,
We had no idea time would
Come around for us,
But in dreams maybe a hint –
What foreseeably could be.
Plaster on a smile
Make it real after a while,
You can have it all
If you are willing to give –
Sacrifice the conveinence.
Living is never
Dependent on one just thing
Fate turns on many
Inexplicable factors,
Variable we must become.
The ocean, the shore,
Giving, taking, come and go,
This life, no one knows
Where it finally deposits
Us, until delivered there.
Do as seems the best,
Stash your worry inside hope
Then navigate time
As if you owned it presently,
Because you do invariably.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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