2020-05-27_ Isolate

Well, as usual, Mr. Squier proved a tremendous inspiration. There is one mistake in this I did not catch before I put it on the glass. I can live with a little imperfection when I have been reading loads of it in eBooks lately. I am generally good at catching my faults and heavily berating myself over them. Yeah, gotta LET IT GO!

I told you all I had four pages left in the journal, well, it is now full. I have to find a new companion to see me through the Summer. Not sure about that thing at all. Choices, choices, ain’t that the burn of change? The dog will bite if you don’t put him right in his place. Color, plain, patterned, thick, thin, wired, bound, cheap paper, something with tooth, dot, lined, blank, leather, paperboard, wood – see, you know I have to think this over. It is much more a thing because I take my journal everywhere I go. I never know when the need to write is going to ambush me. You know I write a little bit, well, LOL!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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