Bursting Inequalities

We, you and me, everyone, can
Be beyond ourselves meeting
Various people together,
We can learn our reasons why
And all happily get by.
No matter who we are
We, everyone, people, are different
We have challenges, hurts, problems, pain,
So much about us is the same
But from our differences, we can
Teach one another about survival.
Our eyes could widen to see
The hero in every person we meet
For  every boy, girl, man, and woman
Is an example of extraordinary courage,
Strength, punching above their weight to
Overcome life’s adversities, calamities,
No one has it easy or figures it all out;
Others can help us understand,
Maybe we, too, can lend a hand.
It is time we recognized life
Is an uphill battle in an endless war
And we cannot win unless we come
To see we are in it all together
We must choose love in each
Situation and help it grow everywhere
We are placed and chance to further go:
We can solve life in loving those we do
And along the way, come to know.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.06.16 Shrub Flower edit rr


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