2020.07.02 Thoughtful Stone resize

Poetry is magic,
Words hold creativity
Encompass the world,
But unraveled, unrehearsed,
Unreleased, unwrit, unborn,
The cold can still those hearts
Where verses dying unmade
Cannot warm the souls
To compose again, after
Silence eats every refrain.
Yet, hear warm whispers
Of nibs laying ink on pages,
These mighty mind tricks
Raw ignorance cannot stop,
For words, contain love’s power.
Generation lights
Bright flames to begin new works
Capturing passions
Igniting tenderest needs
Preparing words to be read.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

What will you say today to change your existence, life, the world? Do you recognize how magical speech and writing are? Make use of your abilities and create something of significant wordliness. You are endowed with power and love.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. If you wish, follow the site, or if you prefer come back as you will. All blessings to you full measure accrue.

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