At times a warm hug
Is a thing dearly needed
When the moth of fear
Eats at the fraying fabric
Of a too delicate life.
Doubt does not only
Live, within times of defeat
But in the between
Moments of brilliant success,
Mortifying in its cause.
When the door is just
Half-open, the crow loud caws
A whisper-snick is
Enough to rabbit away
All twitchy, knowing panic.
Dreams nurtured in arms
Roundabout, wrapping body
Some success calling
With kind assurance enough
To face whatever sequence.
Community calls
We, human creatures, wanting
Safety, confidence,
Significance, love, success,
Gifts of Creativity,
Expressed in society.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.07.05 Fireman Boots rr

I was asked who the
Heroes were, I took a moment,
“I don’t know their names,
But many of them wore boots!”


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