Pondering Extremities…

Somehow, sometime, there
Is a chance of change, to be,
When happy becomes,
Taking over history;
Love, money, all the little things.
The smiles wild blasting
Able to overcome all
The mosquito troubles,
Discounted into oblivion;
Until they, undead, rise again.
I look, for once, at you,
Wondering, could we be real
Becoming something more
Than beneficial friends?
Remembering how I fail,
Time and time, always again;
I turn myself around,
Expecting to walk – because
I cannot survive another breaking –
Of my oft shattered, tattered, torn heart;
But this time, maybe, one time,
My dice roll different numbers;
The soul of love knows the game,
Infinitely well, it gathers and tells.
Your hand brushes my shoulder,
My leaving, I hesitate, wait,
You softly whisper, “Will you stay?”
Going no longer seems
The needful thing to do
I get a hopeful glimpse
Of what might happen if
I chose to embrace my dreams.
Life evolves from complication,
To a rising sense of simplicity
And living all on my own
Becomes a rumor overwritten
By secret looks, shared music, laughter,
Bathed in acceptance and respect,
Growing perhaps into love beyond
What mortal life can measure,
Something captured on the intake
And outflow of every blessed breath.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

You did not have to
Be the who you have become,
But I am happy
You are precisely who you
Are, and claim yourself to be.

Thank you for visiting, please follow Haphazard Creative, or in your rambling find your way back here again. I hope you have a blissful weekend with plenty of time for creation, both the making of things and enjoying the gifts God so generously shared with us.

As a prompt, pick something dear and create about it. You may choose to share or keep it to yourself. You are the one in charge of how you interact with this reality.

I did something rare overnight. I watched an episode of one of my guilty pleasures. I had not done that since February. Maybe one day I will catch up the show.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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