Creativity on the Loose

A couple of exercises for us all:
Our eyes tell us the outlines of the world, and our minds supply the stories. Look around you, wherever you are. Pay close attention. What abstracts and descriptors appear within sight? Maybe there are poems, novels, and short stories to be written, or your vision calls you to art.

Secondly, I realize this year has been challenging, but think about your favorite part thus far. Create something that celebrates it. As a bonus, make a plan stating how you can bring about such pleasure again. Try to facilitate what lights up your soul.

Most of my day so far was spent copy editing, but I finished.

If you look around Haphazard Creative, you may notice I made some changes. I tried to streamline the widgets, and I updated the About page.

I put Halloween decor out on September 1 – but decided to bring some here today. I like all the smiles of Halloween; maybe you do too.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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