Life Applied

Doubt drives, boring a hole, through
The midst of dedicated lives searching
For fortunate answers, viable ideas,
Told in the harmony of truths,
Caught fast in the discord of loss.
We can open ourselves –
Gift one another with reality
Wash deception away with positivity
Discover the best of who we are –
Building value into each heart, soul.
Dancing as we are joyful,
Hugging when we need support,
Facing our dragons together,
Rising like Phoenixes from the ashes
Where nearly slain, we conquered pain.
No weapons fatal required, but reason,
Wisdom studied, prepared, applied,
Freely shared to light a path through
Spaces inhabited by shades of darkness
Securing the light of generosity, kindness,
Love to every area, corner, portion,
All quarters where precious humanity
In gorgeous beauty survives on Earth.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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