I thought there were angels!
Every polished tile floor, numbered,
Held more, patient there, watching
Over me, who had been far gone,
Someone, I think I knew, called me,
“Come back; there’s no time to leave,
Yet,” I was sent unwilling, not of my
Volition. Pain, it was all too much,
Nothing was left I wanted – touch.
Reality was a terror-filled dream,
Oh, so, awful – rigid deadly thing.

Waking, on pristine white sheets,
Hooked-up, white walls even in
The reflection of a light slice bounced,
Through the half-open windowed door,
Pulling loose, crumply legs – shaken,
Securing myself, balanced over feet.
Thousands, whispers, voices
In the air, surrounding everywhere,
Steps slow to the door, an angel
There waiting, noticing me, “Do you
Hear something?” Tones, soft, deep.
My eyes searching, not seeing as I turn,
This, that way, some trick, the sound,
“Yes, I hear speaking, yelling, but they
Are not here, present, anywhere.”
The angel with a half-smile, “It’s okay,
You’ve come back. You’ll be safe.
Settle, stay.” I thought, ‘Not an angel
After all, cause my life, more often,
Disaster loves than ordinary days.’

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I tried to write about waking up in the hospital after days; they say I nearly died or could have stayed comatose. Instead, I got a chorus, and I have learned to live somehow in and out of time.

Cinque Tanka

The sad can take you
To your knees where you whisper
God, oh, help me, please;
Beg Him, heal the pain that ails,
Trusting life with Christ prevails.


I know much better,
How did I come to be there,
Looking at cupcakes?
What happens inside the mind
Can sometimes be undefined.

I was leaving, but
Something took me over, rolled
The cart back so I
Did not have to do much for
Chocolate treats get inside.

Okay, now control
I must expend so all of
Them do not quickly
Take up residence on my
Happily willing body.

I left the dog loose
Knowing I should cage her up
It was a test, yes.
I came home to disaster,
The dog is my love, wrong, debt.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Life Applied

Doubt drives, boring a hole, through
The midst of dedicated lives searching
For fortunate answers, viable ideas,
Told in the harmony of truths,
Caught fast in the discord of loss.
We can open ourselves –
Gift one another with reality
Wash deception away with positivity
Discover the best of who we are –
Building value into each heart, soul.
Dancing as we are joyful,
Hugging when we need support,
Facing our dragons together,
Rising like Phoenixes from the ashes
Where nearly slain, we conquered pain.
No weapons fatal required, but reason,
Wisdom studied, prepared, applied,
Freely shared to light a path through
Spaces inhabited by shades of darkness
Securing the light of generosity, kindness,
Love to every area, corner, portion,
All quarters where precious humanity
In gorgeous beauty survives on Earth.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Want some inspiration? Cue up the Eric Church. Brilliant man.

Yeah, I know you did not come for me to toot my playlist, but sometimes, what I am immersed in breaks loose like the Autumn leaves, scarlet and gold, fluttering to cover the ground.

I have some challenges ahead, spare a thought or prayer for me if you care to. While you are in that attitude say a kind word for this world of ours. Things are rough and tough all over and many could use a hand up to help get by.

It is often I
Find hot tears flooding these eyes,
For things beyond me.

Bless you all, always. Hold on, stay free.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Abandon Hope

I wear the colors
Of Autumn’s formal morning,
But please remember
Between here and there I must
Pass most suddenly away.
This time of comfort
Is an illusion I made
To help me forget
The excessive pain of past
Times which hurt me with passion.
The price I think paid,
Enough to satisfy all,
But the hungry ghouls
May forever haunt me with
Fervor because I escaped.
Living jealously,
Obsessively, with vicious
Tongues, who forsook lives
To chase every negative,
Devour violence’s flavors;
Still multi-splendored
They dream of feasting upon
The precious rare fruit
Of those loving most fully
Not abandoning real joy.
Embedded in me
Are love, creativity,
Freedom and I will not yield
To hungry ghouls who would
Though wholly discarded, unwanted,
Endeavor to capture, enslave me
To those desires reprehensible to me,
I adjure these wretched pests
To abandon their goals,
For securing my enchantment
Is unbreachable, beyond any
Ghoul’s innate capability,
An absolute impossibility.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan