A Gratitude List (Long Overdue)

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I have not done this in a while. I would have posted it as I wrote it in my journal, longhand, but I made a mistake. You need not see such a thing.

I am grateful:

For every day given me, each today.
I can read, learning stories told by varied minds.
I can write, encourage, inspire, illuminate, touch the lives of others.
Even with its aches, pains, infirmities, my body is a wonderful gift to me.
I have a storehouse of words I gathered over time, in varied places, and the skill to employ them.
My family and friends are precious and help shape me into the being I am meant to be.
God is real, present to me, at all times.
My home, the shelter protecting me from the elements and containing my things.
Technology helps open the world to me in creative ways.
I am growing, becoming, and even though it is a mystery, I believe that the future will be bright.

Prompt: Write your gratitude list. You may do it as you will, with embellishments that please you, or without any.

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Be of good cheer; God is near. He will never forsake you, for He has plans of prosperity, protection, and unlimited blessing to pour into your life. This season of toil and trial shall not forever last.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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