Response Today

It has been weeks since
There has been any response
To repeated requests made
That he call me, talk to me,
Depression had settled in.

Then the phone rang with
His name filling its little screen
My son, my joy, all
I had been hoping for, real,
My heart, in response, joyful grew.

We talked and talked more
Everything I hoped for came,
Like the world was right,
Knowing he was well, that we
Remained like clones, years separately.

More than anything
Or anyone, he is special
The love never fades,
He is my happiest of happy
The brightest of fairest days.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Alex, if you ever read this, know I love you.

The PAD Challenge Countdown prompt today was “Response.” The fact life called was just a happenstance.

Advice from a Homebody

You can skip this if you have it all under control, but since many of you find yourselves sequestered at home, and I am a bit of an expert at staying in, I thought I might have something that would help.

Probably as you went into this, your housework was reasonably under control. As you are making a transition to quarantine, especially if you have kids, you might let yourself ease up a little bit. I say this so you can take time to adjust. Some movies, music, books, writing, may make being home easier. This is not to say let all your housework go, just set your standards for comfort.

If you have puzzles, coloring books, beading, drawing paper, crayons, colored pencils, pens, paper, blank cards, board games, cameras, things to repair or build, this would be a time to use them. If you find yourself homeschooling, these can be utilized as rewards for finishing assignments. If you join the kiddos, it will also be a bonding experience in a time of tension.

It might be an excellent time to launch a blog or website if you have been considering it. Both WordPress and Blogger are reasonably easy to start. I prefer WordPress. There are others as well, I just mention two I have used.

If your kids are home, now is a great time to get them involved in the chores, which they may typically find ways to shirk. You do not have to be a harsh taskmaster, just tie fun screen time to task completion.

If you need additional resources for educational materials, many of the colleges have things you can access for free. Coursera is a service tied to top universities that allows auditing courses without a fee.

Almost all of us could increase our activity. For low impact, walking is the best and can be done as a family. In eating, you may find the Yummly app has some suggestions which help you add variety when supply is limited.

To lower stress and anxiety limit your news content, and if your social media is caustic, take some breaks.

Books are everyone’s best friends at a time like this. Reading can help you soothe your mind, and with kids, it helps extend their concentration and attention span. If you have pre-readers, by all means, read to them. You can read their books, and you can also share your reads. This exposes them to the rhythms of language and vocabulary they may not have encountered.

Go outside. It is that simple. Find time in nature.

I will try to post some writing prompts and exercises over these days. I remind you everyone is creative. You have an ideal opportunity to explore what creativity means to you at this time.

If you have questions, I am fully willing to help.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Be Strong And Courageous

I have not put up a handwritten piece in a while. Frankly, I have problems writing, seem to skip words and such. This one actually turned out well. I think I have told you some of my writing is done to motivate me, but I think maybe others deal with similar issues, so I share.

Background: The thought of being confined to the house, despite that I do it a lot voluntarily, scares me. Mobility is a fundamental freedom. I went into a full-blown panic attack over this today. Then I wrote this:

2020-03-15_Be Strong and Courageous Prose Poem

I have all I need for a bit. I do not understand what drove me to panic today. Just so weird in town Thursday and yesterday.

I hope all of you are staying comfortable and have what you need.

A couple of songs I recommend:

God Is In Control by Twila Paris
We Believe by Newsboys

As a prompt: If you are getting a little freaked out with all that is happening, I highly recommend creating. Address your discomfort, make something out of it.

This may be all today, but I highly doubt it. Blessings to you and all you love. Stay safe. Thank you for visiting.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Maybe Today

We can spend time with
One another, talk, listen;
Pick up a book, magazine,
Newspaper, read good things.
On our pets, while they love us,
Play with a child, love them,
Read interesting storybooks, or
Make stories up together.
Color, draw, paint – something
Listen to music, sing along, or alone,
Pause some screen interaction,
See less bad news, avoid fear, panic,
We can discover an alcove of quiet
In whatever way we wish.
A long walk with mindfulness,
Bringing along a non-phone camera,
Writing letters to those we love,
Will treasure the gift of “real” mail.
We must not allow chaos, meanness,
In the public sphere to dictate
The persons we are and become.
Humans are able to transcend disasters,
Growing richer, better, more capable,
Polished, polite, kindly, generous,
People of LOVE!
We can rise, creating,
A world
Of possibility and opportunity.


As a prompt, I encourage you to put the world aside, a while. Enjoy the people, the places, the things that enrich your existence. If you wish, engage your creativity and produce something. Or if you are as exhausted as we often become, rest. Blessings to you and yours. Peace amidst the turmoil.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


It is every day,
Lived, absent your toothbrush in
The cup by the sink,
The cooking a tragedy
One meal a problematic measure,
Eating alone, emptiness,
Indigestion, unpleasant;
The house a hollowness
An echo chamber where
Your laugh almost erupts,
But no, your grin has departed,
A vacancy, no sale, no rent,
The days and nights a hazy daze.


His being so rare
A tremble of vocals sure,
Might never have been.


The quality of
Light, bare trees and fallen leaves,
Spring awaits entrance.


The diamond splatter
Of fresh shed, newly rendered
Tears touched, breaking hearts.


Today has been that day a writer dreams when words soar onto pages as if they are eagles taking wing. It is funny because, physically, I am fighting instability. I hope that some of what I have written has touched you as it has me. I am catching myself singing and smiling and being almost at peace.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan