The story is not
It remains out
Of space and real-time,
Set where we uneasy
May see things
Lent extraordinary.
Grappling with words
Rendered unclear, unsound,
Within open ears
Taking passive captive days
Created as a falling haze.
No magic, some say
But easy patter has ways
Folding thought snug away
To dive deeply into spume
Of non-local intelligence.
All caught within webs
Spun throughout – interwoven
Moments – imaginary,
Filling atmospheres with songs
Unsung, meditated on.
No other species – living –
Approaches linguistic feats
Performed by those who
Little more than crawling
The universe anxious waits
One and all abide
Connected with unseen
Meaning, the only invisible string
A theory of language, mind,
Everything, matters
Makes the telling clean.
LOVE in its rightful place
Speaking truth is well known
Gifting everyone dreams
Become real –

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Read several things and run them through your mind’s processes, then create something.

Getting laundry done.
Swelling is better in my jaw.
Organizing mail.

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