Beginning ANEW

Handmade Journal

I finished ‘However, Whatever, Wherever, Whenever, Why? Volume 13,’ a few days early. After careful deliberation over my choices, I chose this journal handmade by Disabled and Homeless persons. It may have been stored for as many as 25 years. ( I keep things forever.)

I am considering beginning a new Creativity Project on Haphazard Creative and Chronicles. I do not know where 2023 will open doors or lead me, but am excited to begin it.

I hope the New Year will bring us all many blessings and joy. If you like, join me here, and we can explore possibilities together.

Best wishes for your wellness and growth. Be prepared to accept the abundance coming your way.

We are all treasures from the hands of the Creator, and good things are stored up for us. We must be courageous to grasp the opportunities that come our way. Walking into the future with Love, good fortune will find us.

Always and Ever,
Jo Ann

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