Seven-Fourteen, Always

I ain’t playing silly games
Running around, outside the flames,
I square my heart inside the fire
Committing LOVE, not plain desire.
All I want is – all of you
I will give my best to make it true,
Who knows, our events may align
Becoming better occasions over time.
My LOVE is full, given free
With hope, it will return to me,
I do not intend to steal
For what is taken seldom proves real.
Come closer now, let us see
If the sparks will flare and us be.
Sweet, dear, kind, bright star-shine,
Will you come near and be mine?

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This is a song, well, would be. I am too afraid to sing. Anyway, I had to leave my walking circle and hurry to my journal. I lost a line. I had five. I added four on the computer.

Do any of you care about the creative process as I experience it? I do not know. I always find notes about how things were made enlightening.

I had an eclectic set playing before. Jumping all over genres. While I was composing and finishing in the bedroom, there was no music.

I wish I were brave! Please, always be brave!

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative, follow if you wish, or I hope you will find your way back here.

I would usually put a pretty picture here because posts with images… Photoshop crashed because something is up with the hard-drive handler. I want to post an hour ago. No pic peeps, sorry.

Wildly Untangled

2020.06.17 Tangled edited

If you need a different perspective, listen to something different, read something different, write with your non-dominant hand, write differently – on a device, by hand, outside, inside, in another place. If you want creativity in your creating – do differently. Maybe that is a prompt.

Target 2001

I found my new journal. It was a Back to School find at Target in 2001. Hint, hint, I got out of school in 1981. Back to School sales rock stationery, though. Yes, 2001 was years ago, I do not know what to tell you about that. This notebook has corduroy covers. The pages leave something to be desired, but hey, paper is paper. Black lines seem unique. The covers are red, which is my favorite color.

Now you know more than you asked about my new journal. Do you journal? If not, have you considered the benefits of journals when dealing with difficult issues? Do you have a significant life event that journals would give a record of for the future? I find my journal permits me to create when I might not usually. I can come to the journal page as I am, show up, and make something.

Try it; you might find a new way of accessing your creativity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Four Pages

Including front and back, I have four more pages in this journal. If you journal or keep a notebook, you may know what that is like. As I get closer to the end of the book, the excitement begins. I want to rush, so I can retire this journal. Put paid to all the pages, what I accomplished, and those things I left undone.

It may seem silly, but it has always been this way for me. I try hard to stay with one notebook to completion, but it becomes a test of will. This has been an eventful journal. It has seen me through the Coronavirus Isolation and surprises unexpected.

Often what you see here is birthed in the pages on which I write by hand. Sometimes those thoughts are edited as they are transcribed, and often, they come straight up.

I recommend journaling to creatives as a safe place to percolate what you wish to make. I go back and find the books I was reading had an influence; my health told my page count, who and where I visited showed up in lines I might only realize at a distance. You can keep a line by line journal, a creative journal, a gratitude journal, or anything other and combination you choose. I do believe it will increase your output due to the many ideas that will make your acquaintance there.

I doubt I make 56 posts on Haphazard Creative for May. I have fallen a bit behind. A lot is going on just now in my reality. I have been busier than I have in some time.

At least, I will finish my journal. I have to choose a new one. That will be a difficulty, there are many here. Maybe I will call on you all for advice. Do you like things like this? Ah, you may consider it so much useless la-te-da, it is okay. We are not all alike, and it is to our advantage that way. The differences in us make us more beautiful gifts to each other.

I should get a reading list up sometime soonish. I keep a separate journal for reading books. Amazon is pushing for me to go back to GoodReads and also to do reviews, they can ask, I think I am not doing. I will do reviews of the most sketchy kind on here.

Well, I think I should go. I hope you have an evening filled with joy, and whatever most pleases you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



Occasionally, I am asked how I maintain my creativity and output. The answer is not easy to give. I do not fully understand it myself, but there are things I practice.

I choose to create every day. Writing is what I do most often. I keep a journal that catches much of the produce of my thought. It is not a personal diary or a planner, but a book of ideas. I keep it in longhand.

At times I have no desire to write, but I do it anyway. I am aware that all I create will not be great or even good. I am comfortable with writing poorly at times because I can edit that out. Getting words to flow is the goal. If I skip days, a dam develops, and priming myself is very hard.

For me, writing is the constant of my lifetime. I began at a young age and have continued working with words no matter my situation. It is like eating, I do it to survive.

To inspire me, I read everything, and each day. I study reference and craft books. I read fiction, non-fiction, scripture, devotionals, newspapers, magazines, professional journals, biographies, poetry, various pieces on-line, and anything else that comes before me.

I rarely watch television or video. I have an extreme aversion to advertising, which is inescapable with television, so I avoid it.

I listen to a wide variety and large quantity of music. When I work, I often have it playing though I love quiet too.

My vision is that no subject is so dull it cannot be covered in writing. Surprising results can be achieved writing about the seemingly mundane. A word can be the basis of a poem or story. The life of the mind, a task, a visual, an emotion, an idea, anything is material.

After years of writing, I realize something I believe of keen interest, may appeal to no one else. An essential part of maintaining creative practice is distancing one’s satisfaction with the work from the results. If no one reacts to an effort, it is not an indication it is unworthy. It only means at this moment it did not draw attention.

Creation is never wasted. Skill and definition require training in methods and practice. All words lead toward correct composition. Labor is not done in vain. Talent must be honed to become stronger, better.

I keep producing because I love people, and I hope to encourage and inspire. Often I am unsure of my offering, but words manifest, so I capture them.

I create a lot because I see it as a good practice. The process must progress to accomplish any success.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan