For Joy’s Sake

When things are dogging us, and things seem to go wrong, sometimes a Gratitude List can give clarity.

I highly recommend the practice.

I have a journal, specially designated for gratitude. Sometimes I make entries less often than I ought, but I return to it.

The Journal Writing group I have been in for almost two decades does Thankful Thursday.

If you give it a try, I expect you will find a greater sense of peace.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan.

Seven-Fourteen, Always

I ain’t playing silly games
Running around, outside the flames,
I square my heart inside the fire
Committing LOVE, not plain desire.
All I want is – all of you
I will give my best to make it true,
Who knows, our events may align
Becoming better occasions over time.
My LOVE is full, given free
With hope, it will return to me,
I do not intend to steal
For what is taken seldom proves real.
Come closer now, let us see
If the sparks will flare and us be.
Sweet, dear, kind, bright star-shine,
Will you come near and be mine?

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This is a song, well, would be. I am too afraid to sing. Anyway, I had to leave my walking circle and hurry to my journal. I lost a line. I had five. I added four on the computer.

Do any of you care about the creative process as I experience it? I do not know. I always find notes about how things were made enlightening.

I had an eclectic set playing before. Jumping all over genres. While I was composing and finishing in the bedroom, there was no music.

I wish I were brave! Please, always be brave!

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative, follow if you wish, or I hope you will find your way back here.

I would usually put a pretty picture here because posts with images… Photoshop crashed because something is up with the hard-drive handler. I want to post an hour ago. No pic peeps, sorry.

Wildly Untangled

2020.06.17 Tangled edited

If you need a different perspective, listen to something different, read something different, write with your non-dominant hand, write differently – on a device, by hand, outside, inside, in another place. If you want creativity in your creating – do differently. Maybe that is a prompt.

Target 2001

I found my new journal. It was a Back to School find at Target in 2001. Hint, hint, I got out of school in 1981. Back to School sales rock stationery, though. Yes, 2001 was years ago, I do not know what to tell you about that. This notebook has corduroy covers. The pages leave something to be desired, but hey, paper is paper. Black lines seem unique. The covers are red, which is my favorite color.

Now you know more than you asked about my new journal. Do you journal? If not, have you considered the benefits of journals when dealing with difficult issues? Do you have a significant life event that journals would give a record of for the future? I find my journal permits me to create when I might not usually. I can come to the journal page as I am, show up, and make something.

Try it; you might find a new way of accessing your creativity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan