Where, Escape?

I want to escape
Into you,
To feel you here now
Surrounding me with
An instant
Of your touch,
Deep in experience
Storming the interior
Of my fluttering heart
Memories of times
Before when we
Stood like standing stones
Arrayed against winds
That set others to flight,
You whispered,
How much you cared,
How you would not depart,
How because I believed
I was safe in your company,
That peace
I claim it
I must escape
These worries
That trouble me,
Are my trust,
The hope
I cling to,
My safety
When I am all alone.
I bury my fears
In you,
For you have risen.
No shadow can mar
The shining of your light
You bear me
Above the valley
And I escape
I am set free to live
Within your LOVE
And eternal security.

Praise Jesus!

I never know what will come. This quite surprised me. I was working the Poetic Asides Prompt, escape, today. Maybe you would like to join in.

Anyway, God bless you all today.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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