Citing the fact nothing
Was ever certain until
Action was undertaken
We stood,
Hands clasped together
Only a heartbeat between us.
Roses blushing on their vines
Like the color of our cheeks,
Could we become
We expected
A shared breath
Gathered in a present where
All and everything shivered
Spiraling out of control?
Our glances meeting,
A golden opportunity,
Reflecting the sheen of hope
By circumstances,
A note of understanding
Rising joyful from our brave
No contagion could dissuade
Us from a path begun
In days past,
Our meanings entwined
With threads of confidence,
Beg we fight
Instead, becoming
A new brand of isolation.


I sat up a while during the early hours of the morning, and this poem was a result. I am hoping for more, I already have another, but I have not worked today’s prompts yet. I hope all are well. Be kind to one another. It is a new territory for all of us and understanding is essential, as is love.

If you need a prompt, imagine how you would begin a relationship in this time of panic and contagion. Create something of what you think. Any media is fine. I know some work with other than words.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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