Love Treads Sprightly

While you are standing
Here, still, waiting, the timing
To move on along,
Remember silence can be
A gift, revelatory.

Listen now closely
You may hear the bright ringing
Of sweet golden bells
In the distance of your life;
You can catch them if you try.

Gifts unforgotten
Lie outside, and you shall reach
Those places where all
Belonging to you comes clear;
Like a sunrise over waves.

No movement required
To recognize what blesses you:
Love warming your heart,
Someone precious holding hands
When you need more strength to stand.

The shadow may hang
Over a day, week, month, year,
But it goes away
When you realize love’s power
Holds you complete, safe, secure.

The art of loving
Is the most fantastic gift
Given you to share
In relationships discovered
Throughout every stage of living.

Once you become friends
With the idea of loving people,
Much misunderstood,
Fades like storm clouds cleared away,
Leaving happiness behind.

Love is the common
Respect accorded people
Well met every day
Plus all the ones who become
Close, dear, and so important.

Create joy, give love,
Find the purpose for which you
Were put on the Earth,
You know life is sweeter when
Shared among family, friends.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


That photo is straight from my SD card, no Photoshop.

As a prompt: If you are still isolated or not, take a few minutes to think about how you can use downtime to your advantage. Perhaps you might tune in to those you have in proximity, or create, or learn, or explore what you so well know. Once you have an idea, create something. Art, writing, score, poetry, photography, cakes… whatever, do it, make the moment your moment. Own who you are.


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