No Advice

It is not another’s to tell us
How to live our lives
The things we should do,
But facts attest that love
Is a gift which makes
Everything easier to survive.
When there is a hand
To hold in stormy weather
We stand more resolute,
Stronger than when walking
Through troubled days alone.
Maybe no one can carry
All the burdens we bear,
But conversation sometimes
Helps explore facets of reality
We need to more clearly see.
Love supports us every second
Transports our hopes, prayers;
Friends, family, those who know us
Best, help us nurture our dreams
Reach for the achievements
Which bring us to the places
Where we accomplish those
Wonders accepted with amazing
Gratitude because we recognize
Without those standing near
We could never get anywhere.
The great love we receive
Our hearts on our lonesome
Cannot begin to feel or reveal,
So should LOVE come a fresh-faced
Hello, though it is a smile riddled
By surrounding lines of years,
Or smooth as a freshly painted layer,
Remember the bodily wrappings
Are a matter much less than
The tender gift of a heart
Timely in approach and giving.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.05.24 Flowers from Sams edited

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