Living Times

Every age has gifts
Paid across time’s immensity,
None to be discounted
In its value to we who wait
For the moment catching up.
Our pleas cannot stop
The passing of hands over
The pale counted face
Yet we linger in hoping
God may more years, us, bestow.
All finally know
Each hour is precious to spend
In loving those whom
Dear to us, become, ever are
Life is a treasure, so much more.
The child, youth, grown-up,
Middle-aged, seniors, elders, fading,
All precious, surpassing dear;
Lord, give us life, love,
Help us live without bounds, alive,
Keep us well in health, clarity,
And protect us from doubt and fear,
All our lives let us be blessings of love,
Every moment, hour, day, month, and year.

2020.06.08 Still life

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