Stress can bury you deep
Heap depression on you
So even in your sleep
There is no relief.
You can become a ghost
Haunting your own home,
Dying to what you desire,
No will to do what is required.
Then suddenly one day
Something changes your life
You see what everyone else
Has been trying to reveal.
Everything out of control
The disaster completely surreal
You realize you have to take command
Find a way to make your existence whole.
So you start the process
Still, ghost walking but seeing
Doing, happening, being, bringing
Life back into your living.
It is overwhelming, painful, hard,
The darkness creeps over and again,
But you hang onto what you saw
In the moment of clarity.
The vision of order, joy, hope, peace,
Of comfort in the environment
Of dominance over certain things,
You know you can exorcise the ghost
And live fully as you wish to; reality.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.06.12 Canibal edited

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