Keep Walking

One step, up step now
You have a destination
Leave the down step behind,
Chase your dreams, walk your line,
Speak plain truth, let love guide.
Let the negative thought slide past
Pay it scarcely any mind, reach high,
You are precious, your life is meant
For goodness, kindness, compassion
Give yourself a chance for the best
Your experience and others refresh, bless,
Be the memory some hold for hope
Set goals that lift lives aloft
Live alive in love, for peace, in grace,
Embrace who you are, a gift from God,
With the power to help others grow
While learning more of mercy and faith.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.06.13 Lilies edited

As a prompt, imagine yourself speaking with someone very different to yourself. Imagine how you would approach subjects, would it make your conversation unusual? Could you be clear? Create something that illustrates your thoughts.

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