Where Will We

Be tomorrow when
We leave this present behind?
Is there much future
Left for us to find, explore?
We may not know anymore.
Beckons with many prizes,
But will we survive
The breaking down of culture,
The wrestling for position?
Ah, superstition
Reckons itself mighty in
The material
Sphere, naming one this, one that,
Begging as it puts on hats.
We need must make peace
With what we experience
Now, somehow, someway,
Or it becomes our portion
Of unquiet yesterday,
Bleeding all over
Present, future being, leaves
Us constant struggle
With only hope to battle
For who we ready become.
We founded ourselves
Among the bold, the rebels,
Those who employ love
To conquer the multiverse
And so, we must continue.
Life swears us nothing
But serves us what we gather
In its give and take
Our dreams, plans, only matter –
If we choose to make them so.
Tomorrow awaits
With a bright, fresh countenance –
Likewise, we may go
Into the fair abundance
Free of angst, full of good cheer.
It is ours to choose
In our freedom, who we are,
Who we will become;
In doing, we can create
A refuge of lovely peace.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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