Cultivating Needs

Come now, please enter
The corridor streaming to
A future unknown
But welcoming, becoming
A notable destination.
Take a step leaving
Fear, mediocrity far
Behind so living
Suddenly transforms into
Lovely creativity.
All guesses, thoughts, knowns
Are but reflections cast on
Screens of dreams that seem
In their happening, transports
To realms hidden beyond mists.
Getting where wishes
Occur in truth that passes
Through hearts of loving,
A discovering of each
Wonder made unmatchable.
Instruments play songs
Of personal power made strong
Enough to alter
The fabric of what is real
Bringing miracles to light.
People are the keys
The beating hearts, searching minds
Manifesting bright
Hopeful marvels beautiful
In happening – to extreme.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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As a prompt, create something that hints at but does not use personal pronouns or proper nouns, but gets that message out prominently.

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