Round Ramble

How one goes about
Being mostly positive
For other’s pleasure;
But wallows deep in despair
Of themself is mystery.

It is rushing waves
Upon a marble shoreline
Where no hope abides
Of escaping the restless
Pull of moon, stars, tide, and time.

Reading what becomes,
Is, Might be, the difficult
Reason to purpose,
How life is met, advantage
Stark incredibility.

Blood poured on pages;
Giving others a meaning
To discover, make,
A pretty expanse of days
Infused with brilliant excellence.

Yet, shadow unknown
Haunting doubt, fear, lacking what
Is given away,
Because the self to others
Makes a deft sacrifice.

Cutting every day
A notch in the living thing
That is heart, spirit,
Returning with seeping wounds,
Not fully mended, a mind.

One day only this
Ghost record will remain,
Reaching back to bring
Clarity indeed well tested;
Lacking creative mortal.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I hope you are well. We’ve only days to Christmas, and other holidays are underway or will soon follow. Take care of yourself and those you love. This year is a bit different for all of us, but we can handle it with grace.

I appreciate you taking a few moments to visit Haphazard Creative. Please follow the site or visit often. If you have comments, suggestions, thoughts, please express them in the comment section. I welcome them all.

God bless you and yours.

2 thoughts on “Round Ramble

  1. A very brilliant poem. It’s beautifully penned with themes of putting the self first. It’s destructive if we just keep putting others’ needs over our own. Too many sacrifices and it can impact a person negatively.

    I love your writing style. Fantastic poem!


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