Be New

The past is a melody,
No longer known;
The words are gone
Lost in yesterdays.
The love carried
Lives within fond hearts,
But pains have no part,
In future choices made.
Free to be today
Who exists this moment;
No living in fear, shame
Of the hurt, mistakes before.
The gift of creativity
Changes the things
Learned through faith
Into treasures carried on.
Love builds up beauty,
More than ever dreamed,
Freeing hearts to reach
Sudden aspirations and truths.
The broken, stolen things
Fade away as strengths gain
Each, every day, in all ways.
Better than before,
The best is wholly possible,
Because the things ended
Were in depths laid to rest,
Forward, pass, conquer the test.
The past is a song
Others may continue
But it no longer defines
Who a person becomes.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The taste of what may
Come to be, draws the farmer –
To plant, tend, the seed.

Prompt: If you write in the personal particular, take one of those works and turn it global, so it applies to others.

Today was a mostly quiet day.
I found a new channel on YouTube Music.
I woke from my horrid dream and finally calmed down.

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