Diverting Chaos

Currently upon a landing
What we can or cannot
Do, have, know, become.
Our platform is crowded
With dreams, hopes, plans,
We can inhale deeply
Engage our hearts, minds,
We have various options
But results defy control;
The chaos of change holds
Our futures in a firm grasp.
We know with certainty belongs
To the past, even so, memory
Is a changeling interjecting
Stories which alter over time.
We create things reflecting
Our knowledge, viewpoints shift
As conditions fluctuate,
Oceans of thought, never still.
Informs creativity avowing
Experience is a seeming
Space/Time we boldly bridge
Leaping landing to landing
We habitually avoid the stairs,
Moving forward or sidelong
Discovering novelty in ourselves,
Always exchanging present
For frequent divers transformation.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create from something you have very recently experienced.

Alex called.
There is no ice or snow here.
I am still on this journey.
The throw Richard gave me.
Reading and Writing.

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