It is not the thing,
Which means so much, potential
Is the fascination,
The good anticipated
Drives continual collection.

Each grain of knowledge,
Volumes read, pages written,
Words captured, stored away,
Images made – frozen motion,
Time caught today, any day.

Creation flowing,
Exploring, knowing, showing,
Voicing, acting, playing, becoming,
Not a thing, but an expression
A transcendence, beyond gone.

Everything we live
Everything we do enriches
How we create, make,
No energy ever wasted –
All things begin in love.

We are containers,
Sustainers, joiners, remainders,
Adventurers who
Generate from around us
The fabric of reflection.

We reach to other hearts,
Who may understand the journey,
While many miles may
Separate us; togetherness bonds
Us in love’s companionable joy.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: We are all living lives differently; create something in witness or celebration.

Milk and honey.
Warm covers.
My command station.

Thank you for visiting.

Material on Chronicles and Haphazard Creative is © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan.

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