Salute to those
who have traveled
with me.
I hope you
enjoy whatever
journeys you
what we hope
never appears
and we fail
to understand.
I am quiet;
so be you
and find
your best true.


I did my Creativity Project for about a year and a half on Chronicles and have done it about the same here.


WORDs Worth

It all began with The Word,
And the life I live
Began with words, as well.
I learned came without
Lettered meaning.

Each day, happily,
Brought more words,
Greater understanding.
It soon became my lot
To gather and arrange
To transmit to others
What intelligence
Allotted me.

Is not easy
And sometimes
The messages that found
Purchase in my mind
Had little validity
For others.

I honored what
Was given,
Set it down.

Words always –

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


The second poem here was a set of paragraphs in my journal today. Often my prose is poetic. Is yours? As a prompt, take something you have written in one form and transform it into another.

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