51 In A Month – Be LOVE


Moments and moments,
Sourced by the Savior, precious
Beyond our counting,
We only gain what we can give
In loving others who need.

Opening hearts, minds,
In service gives us riches,
Money cannot match,
People, everyone, priceless;
Called as vessels of Light.

Shine day-bright before
Those hidden in the darkness,
Help captives break free;
We must be the hello, where
Some never dare to reach, go.

Let every woman,
Child, and man, understand Love
Is with them always,
No matter what sunken depths;
There is a plan, Love, freedom.

Not one forgotten,
Not one without care, nor lost,
We bring peace, hope, Love,
Because we were once without
Help, but we were rescued, found.

No matter our place
We can be kind, reassuring,
To someone yearning
For a friend, confidant; Love
Is the greatest gift we share.

Then Jesus can step
In, and through Love bring one
To Him over time,
We sow Love, sometimes harvest
Comes by infinite degrees.

The purpose of my 2020 Creativity Project is to work creatively every day. I did not set out to do multiple posts. It amazes me that some days I churn out material like a milkmaid. Honestly impressed, though I know some posts went unread. I try to decide what is wrong with those, but I do not get it. I have no magic to force visibility.

As a prompt, I challenge you to lay aside your dejection, depression, or bad mood, should you have one. Go out of your way to brighten up someone’s day. Maybe the drive-thru employee, the overworked clerk, the stranger who looks too sad, put on a smile and a bit of cheer and treat them like a celebrity. Afterward, see how you feel and create something about your experience. You know, all of us have baggage, we just need to help each other carry on.

I am grateful:

  1. Sometimes I can believe in me, even though I under-achieve and fail to live up to my potential.
  2. God does not create any junk.
  3. Things work out better than planned once in a while.
  4. I have a wonderful son, even though I irritate him. He is a good one.
  5. It is Friday, and I may or may not post again.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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