Mayhap, Or No

Though I dreamed it fair
I never possessed the heart
I would have as mine,
We stood apart, still afar,
But once upon yesterday…
It was possible,
Now separate worlds, being
Another journey,
No offering to place before
The portal, compartmental.
I gave what was mine
It went unclaimed, disregarded,
I am picking up pieces
Readying to set out anew,
Maybe it can never be,
I shall, as usual, be okay,
Not really, I fall so deep,
Dark swallows me
But I am reaching out.
Love is always a heartbeat,
A thought, a word well-spoken
In the coming, the making, away.


Ladies and gentlemen, that is post 56 for January, one for every year I have lived. I think that is awesome. I have not written that much in years. I do have to up my photography game. All the images are mine, but I have not taken new ones each day, and to do this right, I should be posting handwritten journal pages. Sometimes, what you can do has to be enough. I intend to celebrate.

As a prompt: I challenge each of you to write at least your age in posts in February. If you take the challenge, let me know.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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