LoVe and Some Suggestions

Here we are entering February, with that I Heart You Day. I usually celebrate all month, well, kind of, all the time. I am decidedly weird, do not think I am unaware, LOL! I am gonna tell you a secret, that maybe is not so secret, I do not know if it is obvious. I fall in love with everybody. I always have. I have been utterly celibate for over ten years. Still, I love people. It does not matter who you are, it is not a sexual thing, it is a total devotion type thing.

I am so afraid of doing the wrong thing, so I have social anxiety, but I will befriend anyone. I smile and talk to perfect strangers, although I quake inside.

Okay, you are exceptional, very dear, very precious, and loved very much.

Something you could do for your significant other this month, or a person, whoever:

  1. Write a little love note every day and put it where they will find it. If you have time and the inclination, do a full-fledged love letter.
  2. Make a trip to a park together and take pictures to seal the memory.
  3. Call them up, just because, and say something scandalously sweet.
  4. Plant a tree together, maybe one for each one of you.
  5. If you can admit one to your family, adopt a dog or a cat, or go all out and adopt more than one.
  6. Attend a spiritual service together – whatever sect appeals to you. If you have differences in approach, go to one of each together.
  7. Go where the water is, lake, ocean, river, pond, just go. Water is magical, and love breeds there.
  8. Decide you will journal together, whichever of you is most verbal begin and give the other time on the same day. This is particularly good should you need to work something out. Make it an everyday habit, maybe for always.
  9. Compliment each other every day. Try for something different each time, and not just clothes.
  10. Help each other with chores, especially children, if you have them.
  11.  Bonus: Give books, poetry, writing, fiction, non-fiction, just books, everybody books. Need suggestions, hit me up, I read everything.
  12. Extra Bonus: Give Music, any kind, any time. All music, all the time.

You can do most of these things with friends and other family members too.

I hope, it does not matter what I hope.

God bless you all. May dreams come true for you in February. Have fun and reach for the stars, if you miss, maybe you will beat Elon to Mars.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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