Survive To Thrive

Entry Seventeen – 2023 Creativity Project

Journal © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Journal – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I can feel the dark ready to swallow us up if we falter; give it space. No denying, it swoops in at every opportunity.

Prompt: Create something that captures your resilience against negativity.

Gratitude List

I am thankful:

1.  I have today.
2.  Reading Surrender by Bono.
3.  Pepperjack cheese.
4.  I drank the last canned soda I intend to bring into my house.
5.  I am getting used to the taste of pure water.

A Bookshelf Moved – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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Always & Ever,
Jo Ann

© 2023 Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – Valentine’s Day

Making Possible The Impossible

Everyone feels defeated at times; the world and its problems overwhelm the mind and emotions. Personal setbacks also seem insurmountable, but creativity, positivity, and prayer help everyone overcome.

Prayer can settle the mind and help ideas arise, which upset can cloud. Having a possibility outlook, where positive material is brought into the intellect regularly, also adds confidence to a person’s toolbox. Creativity may supply unusual solutions or unique rationales that incite action and bring courage.

Asking others to share a burden or soliciting advice can be helpful, but these can also confuse. Many things require individual attention. There are deep wells of ability in each person when accompanied by a belief in oneself.

Treating others and ourselves with love is advised by the Bible, and it has many benefits. It gives the right impetus to allow us to conquer impossibility and rids us of many negativities which seize control and convince us of inadequacies.

Remember, sometimes goals are not accomplished immediately; great things may require a commensurate investment of time.

Dragon’s in Love – Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Happy Valentine’s Day! – May love always find you and fill your life with encouragement and inspiration.

Smile, look at yourself in a mirror, and say, ‘I believe in myself. I can fulfill my dreams. I am loved, and I love who I am and am becoming.’ After these affirmations, work on a creative project formerly neglected because it is a considerable challenge.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
For central heat.
For warm clothes.
For things my Mom taught me.
For hope.
For God’s love holding me even when I do not notice.

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2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 12

Moonlight Symphony – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Moonlight Symphony

Can you feel the kiss
Of the light upon your face,
The breezy caress
Coming to you from deep space,
Love for you in every trace?
Are you open to
Songs finding their way to you,
Whispering your name?
So many gifts time brings, romance,
Love chooses heartstrings to woo.
How precious are you
The moon in a sky, you light –
Night, dance around and around
A delightful perfection of sound.
Always cherished
A moonlight symphony in motion
Eliciting continual devotion –
Love lifting high, bringing round,
A partner in you now found.

It is time, you know, time for the love creations. Even if you are not a poet, you might give it a whirl for your best guy or girl. If you lack romance, write as if you caught a glance.

Gratitude List
1) I went to Sam’s today.
2) Newsboys.
3) Having an extra screen protector.
4) Strangers assisted me because I was having difficulty.
5) Airheads.

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2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 1

I think I shall be happy to keep to date going forward.

Living Time

It could be Tuesday, though any day would do as well. Francis never thought to specify this time, and it had simply become too dangerous to stay when they were.

He did not often have Morgan with him on such jaunts, but he had invited her to engage in some tourism. Now he was more thoroughly convinced than before that he preferred her safely at home.

In his careful examination, it appeared that this snafu was due to no malfunction or mistake of his own. He cleared his reports, but those revealed that someone, somewhere, somehow, somewhen was purposefully ignoring his longstanding imperative directive on the methods and devices he held total responsibility for creating.

The misuse of proprietary developments was a severe problem. No one else could set the variables straight, and Francis entertained a suspicion even he might fail. It was an unprecedented disaster.

He realized earnest prayer was in order. Action must be taken with haste. It seemed a saboteur was in the machine, actively fooling with time.

Buds Awaiting © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Eagle in full flight
Knowing Earth is bountiful
Stretching forth talons
Spying the many creatures;
We aware power features.

I riffed on the thought that it was Tuesday in the depths of night, do something similar and create something. You could pick an object, sound, conversation, whatever catches your imagination.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. I went outside without the dogs and took some photos.
2. Solitude.
3. Powerblocks.
4. Imagination.
5. Creativity.

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Make It Yours

Whatever is stopping you
Remember days slip by
Like a doubtful sunrise
Glimpsed through curtains
Of cold cheerless rain.
Nothing waits forever,
If you have fantastic dreams
Do not let them fade away,
Build your chateau, sing your
Melodies, forgive the sorrows.
Say, “I LOVE YOU,” each chance
You may because hearts are fragile;
Time wings away like an eagle,
There is no turning clocks back
To bring moments past, alive.
Everyone is mortal, no getting
To life’s end, continuing to survive,
So, celebrate all the notable dates
Drink your refreshing libations,
Indulge in beautiful cake, ice cream.
If you can assist another –
Do it while you are able –
Aware time whimsically turns tables,
Generosity, kind words are actively
Loving the world God gave you.
Do not lose the blessings
Of fulfilling your purpose, reason,
Through perfectionism, procrastination,
Failures, mistakes are invaluable teachers
Improving facets, strengths of yours.
Seconds only come to you once
Do what you can when time is meet
It is no good leaving needful things
Until the arrival of tomorrow;
Nothing happens within the grave.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I only had a version of the final line to begin and wanted to build around the idea of how precious a lifetime is. We have one shot. Not knowing when the fuel will run out, we must accomplish all there is for us while there is energy.

Prompt: Take a truthful line, but perhaps uncouth, create something around it that is, if not beautiful, at least good.

The weather has been warmer.
I have great books to entertain me.
Creative ideas are flowing.
My journal.
My dogs.

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God be with you