Make It Yours

Whatever is stopping you
Remember days slip by
Like a doubtful sunrise
Glimpsed through curtains
Of cold cheerless rain.
Nothing waits forever,
If you have fantastic dreams
Do not let them fade away,
Build your chateau, sing your
Melodies, forgive the sorrows.
Say, “I LOVE YOU,” each chance
You may because hearts are fragile;
Time wings away like an eagle,
There is no turning clocks back
To bring moments past, alive.
Everyone is mortal, no getting
To life’s end, continuing to survive,
So, celebrate all the notable dates
Drink your refreshing libations,
Indulge in beautiful cake, ice cream.
If you can assist another –
Do it while you are able –
Aware time whimsically turns tables,
Generosity, kind words are actively
Loving the world God gave you.
Do not lose the blessings
Of fulfilling your purpose, reason,
Through perfectionism, procrastination,
Failures, mistakes are invaluable teachers
Improving facets, strengths of yours.
Seconds only come to you once
Do what you can when time is meet
It is no good leaving needful things
Until the arrival of tomorrow;
Nothing happens within the grave.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I only had a version of the final line to begin and wanted to build around the idea of how precious a lifetime is. We have one shot. Not knowing when the fuel will run out, we must accomplish all there is for us while there is energy.

Prompt: Take a truthful line, but perhaps uncouth, create something around it that is, if not beautiful, at least good.

The weather has been warmer.
I have great books to entertain me.
Creative ideas are flowing.
My journal.
My dogs.

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God be with you

Creative Offer

A meager crust
Of bread on a platter;
My offering is before
You, from my heart, given,
Hope attempting to inspire,
You step out, away,
From what dampens your roar,
Introducing sparks of
Creativity –
Drawing you into dawning,
The being you could become.
As you turn away
Suddenly unimpressed,
I search my agile brain
I can bring you something
More like your desire,
Perfection –
Which might convince you
To believe in yourself
Knowing you have everything
To go after all those treasured
Dreams you hide behind half-smiles,
The prizes which belong to you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


The magic, romance,
As the clothes fall to the floor
A flush quick-rising
Paints smooth cheeks, open desire,
Hearts twined speed in beat, aglow.

Hardly able here
Now to stand apart, longing,
For warm arms, embrace,
Fully evident, high hopes,
Are revealed, alive, and real.

The words, the music,
Stolen moments, shared pastimes,
Have framed the structure –
Sound, fit, full of love, alight
Passion fashioned for delight.

Freedom together
Bonding, each kiss, touch, whispered,
“I Love You,” into
Places only two can go;
Belonging like never known.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I made this poem of conjoined tanka. I enjoy working with counted syllables.

Prompt: Explore a scene with an eye to creation.

Freshly washed clothes

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May worthy dreams come true for you.

Gifts Given

Day bleeds into night,
Dismissing darkness, nightmares,
Nothing unknown seems;
We stand formidable still
Courageous love, we instill.

We are all precious
Treasured in adversity,
Shining fixtures placed
With love fully embraced as
We are in reality.

Different – skyborne
Galaxies – with miracles
To share giving hope,
All is, ever shall be well,
We create much of our fate.

Holding each other
With full capacity of
Kindness, love, respect,
Reveals the heart of wisdom
Fulfilling hopes, making dreams.

Who we are always
Inspires cause to celebrate;
We – answered prayers –
Raised in ancestral days,
Pitching tents in paradise.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Who are you? Who are we? Create…

Jelly Bird Beans
Chocolate Bunnies
Bagel Bites

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I hope you have an incredible week. God bless you.

Everything here, on Haphazard Creative and Chronicles, is
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan.


The depths,
Lay a plaque
Upon those
Where love
The heart,
In feelings;
What may
Of Passion.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Jump! Link things that seem distant in meaning and create something.

Warmer days
Meeting goals

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