Unique For Reasons…

2020-02-02_Art Journaling

That is what it is all about. If we love one another, we not only give the gift of love away, but it nurtures us and grows us into being love.

When we allow trivialities to come between us, we hinder ourselves. Differences are meant to keep us lively, challenge us, not for us to judge each other harshly and push us apart. If we were all alike, life would be boring.

Are you bored? Reach your love into someone’s life. Meet them where they have a need or just do a simple thing that can make a smile light up a stranger’s eyes. You will find yourself living joy, and the boredom will depart.

We may be unable to meet one another in person, but the worldwide cyber community can be an inspiration and encouragement to us if we invest love in it.

As a prompt, be generous and genuine with others in your circle of influence. Create something expressing your love for life and other lives. Be the gift and watch the gift return to you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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