Begin It

When you come awake
Whether or not the sun should
Rise on a new day;
Place a smile upon your face
Rejoice in life’s abundant grace.

Here and now, you see,
There is opportunity
For wonderful things
To arise beneath these skies,
Much unexpected blessing.

Some have seen such dreams
As you hold within your heart
Begin and become
A living reality,
So keep holding on, trying.

Let your fingers reach
A little higher, further,
Do not ever quit,
You have whatever it takes,
Within you resides power.

Get yourself going,
Make a start, a strong showing,
For no one can do
What is given for you in
Favor, in love, from above.

The talents you have,
Abilities were given,
For you to succeed,
Develop your skill, make good
Now your purpose and promise.

Life is a canvas
Apply each coat of color
Until you unmask
The picture full of glory
You can present to the world.


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