It’s Alright

You don’t have to hide
You are not called to carry
It all alone deep inside;
The fear, the struggle, the hurt,
It is okay to break the silence.
There are places of safety
Some people care tremendously,
Even when you feel broken
Mending can happen, scars
Can stop festering and heal.
It is hard to tell the story
Of what you have become,
But to find your freedom
To secure your peace, you
Need to share what is real.
Others can wipe your tears
They can hold your hands
Hugs can give security to wail,
Then you may find the strength
To go on, prevail, and flourish.
You can be surrounded by
Support, understanding, and
Love enough to lift you up
Helping you realize, even when
You are weak, it’s alright.


The Journal Habit

If you are dealing with doubt, fear, worry, loss of sleep, any sort of stress, unresolved feelings, anxiety, or mental disturbance, I recommend journal writing. When we journal, it is a form of personal therapy as well as creative expression. It can be highly effective and most inexpensive. There is no need for referrals and insurance approval.

When we work in journals, there are no rules. We bring whatever manifests in our attention to the page. It is beneficial if there is excessive turmoil in life to do a brain dump where all the negativity is lanced and released. A twenty-minute session of free writing with the option to go longer is often helpful.

Beyond the initial purge, a journal can be a proving ground for ideas and other types of creative expression. A journal is simple; we bring who we are to it. We may choose to share or make it a very private space. We use journals to cover seasons of our lives like school, college, jobs, relocating, love affairs, marriage, pregnancy, a new baby, journeys, and everything else. We can claim journals for any time, occasion, event, place, or emotion.

When we read old journals, we progressions and can congratulate ourselves on how we evolved and what we achieved. We find we have many victories. A journal is there as needed. It does not have to capture writing every day, though it can as required.

Journals are like friends who take your thoughts and allow you to explore and reflect on them without judgment, solutions, or criticism. We are allowed space to develop our own best conclusions. This is the beauty of a journal. It can be anything we need and morph into something else as required. We give it value as we choose to use it, and it becomes a reflection of ourselves.

I recommend everyone journal as they will.

This was handwritten in my journal. I encouraged someone with sleep issues to journal and see if it helped. Journal writing is one of the ways I care for myself, I have done it since childhood with long skips at times. I see the website and my previous blog as extensions of my journal, where I choose to share. Creativity and living more comfortably in the world with love are my hopes for my readers. 



Sometimes the smiles drop,
Belief in love falls limp, strays,
What is left is dismal, drear,
So the smiles get pasted back on,
Nagging doubts are swept off, away.
Even if we pretend,
Eventually, we see
Love staring, sharing,
Toward us generously;
Imagination becomes
A positive proof
No one can refute, deny,
It is plain as reality,
Love chases us down
Coopts our days, fills us completely
Will never give up, cannot stop
Until it proves us precious
Beyond logical understanding;
Love is who we are, what is meant
To be in every event, situation, thing,
We cannot outrun or misguide it
Love knows us intimately,
It brought us alive,
Is throughout our living,
When fear, doubt, tear us apart
Love pick us up, straightens our smile,
Sets us firmly upon our feet,
Whispers, “I am with you, go again!”


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Short – Shorts

Doubt, fear, those lies do not master us, we are overcomers, made to renew and begin again.

The ravens of doubt
Peck our garments of courage,
Rain finds every hole.

Voices say we are
Worthless, unreliable,
Some trust still remains.

Lying on the floor
The others are tall, strong, more,
Stomach acid boils.

A quick glimpse beyond,
We are brave enough to stand,
Race encroaching night.

The rain stopped its pour
While the sun rose to its place;
Broad smiles graced each face.

Pain reminds again
There is no power within,
Gives self-destruction.

Heroes break apart,
Lose ourselves inside the dark,
But life recalls us,
The fighting starts, we join in,
Forsaking all fears, to win.

The gremlins are overactive. I am wrestling on multiple fronts with technology, and the body has its own ideas. Still, it is right; I am here.

All the best to each of you. Find reasons to believe and keep on going. Life rewards those who continue, the alternative is untenable.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Begin It

When you come awake
Whether or not the sun should
Rise on a new day;
Place a smile upon your face
Rejoice in life’s abundant grace.

Here and now, you see,
There is opportunity
For wonderful things
To arise beneath these skies,
Much unexpected blessing.

Some have seen such dreams
As you hold within your heart
Begin and become
A living reality,
So keep holding on, trying.

Let your fingers reach
A little higher, further,
Do not ever quit,
You have whatever it takes,
Within you resides power.

Get yourself going,
Make a start, a strong showing,
For no one can do
What is given for you in
Favor, in love, from above.

The talents you have,
Abilities were given,
For you to succeed,
Develop your skill, make good
Now your purpose and promise.

Life is a canvas
Apply each coat of color
Until you unmask
The picture full of glory
You can present to the world.