When… We must…

When weak, we must be strong,
When exhausted, we must find energy,
When depressed, we must smile,
When hurt, we must be pleasant,
When broken, we must mend,
When unwanted, we must self-soothe,
When bullied, we must believe ourselves,
When challenged, we must excel,
When blocked, we must create,
When empty, we must become full,
When tortured, we must go on,
When afraid, we must stand,
When doubting, we must trust,
When love hurts, we must embrace it,
When at an end, we must begin again.

We must continue at all costs;
For we are overcomers,
More than conquerors,
Because we belong to God.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.07.03 Flower Among Stones rr


It is life, mundane,
Being fitted over her,
Like she is the shine
When truth must concede that we
Are the main attraction, stars.
The color of life
We share it in helping style,
The jeans, shorts, shirts,
We present her to the world,
Charming, disarming, oui, oui.
A dress, dressing up
What they compliment, extreme,
We clothes do perform
With the boldest statements, grace,
Then cast aside, shame her pride.
When she dotes, and preens,
It is the magic we bring
How fashion delights,
No figure, no notice, is
Such we lack miracle dreams.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I am doing laundry and laundry. I tried a persona poem. After fighting with tangles, I needed to say something.

Beat It

The group of voices
Saying we are not enough,
It is time, “Beat it!”
Every day we are standing,
Pushing, fighting to survive.
We can never know
All the possibilities
Now achievable,
If doubt is not pushed aside,
“Yeah, get out, beat it, bad vibe.”
We are better than
This fear we cradle close by,
Leave us be, “Beat it for good!”
We do not need harm around.
Christ is within us
We are people of His flock,
We overcomers
Have victory through His love,
“Leave us be, just go, beat it.”

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.06.23 Lilies with Ant edited


Sometimes we believe living
Alone is an unlucky state,
All the hype feeds our conception,
It is accurate for some, at times,
But being alone can give space/time
To discover the self, independent,
Outside the other with only one
To know we are adequate and find
The purpose of who we have become;
Sometimes it takes being by ourselves.
We stare in the mirror and see our
True reflection, not the projection
Filtered through other eyes with
All the bias contained in another
Mind which may be doing calculations
We cannot see in our recasting,
Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication/Division
Are always trickier when someone else
Does the equation, maybe in the work
We miss important steps or carries.
Even if being alone is extremely temporary
It can give us insight that leads us
To be the better persons we wish to be
Giving us desire and passion to
Infinitely better than we ever have before.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Tuesday’s prompt for the PAD Challenge on Poetic Asides was Lucky/Unlucky. I got some rocket fuel (Coffee), which I usually avoid, and so I have developed this poem.

It’s Alright

You don’t have to hide
You are not called to carry
It all alone deep inside;
The fear, the struggle, the hurt,
It is okay to break the silence.
There are places of safety
Some people care tremendously,
Even when you feel broken
Mending can happen, scars
Can stop festering and heal.
It is hard to tell the story
Of what you have become,
But to find your freedom
To secure your peace, you
Need to share what is real.
Others can wipe your tears
They can hold your hands
Hugs can give security to wail,
Then you may find the strength
To go on, prevail, and flourish.
You can be surrounded by
Support, understanding, and
Love enough to lift you up
Helping you realize, even when
You are weak, it’s alright.