I am not the artist I wish I were, but picture this:

A Raven flying, wings outspread
Beak open, claws extended;
Diving for the menace, a majestic
Bald Eagle talons reaching
Beak also open emitting strident cries,
Below them lies the Earth
A mix of blues, browns, and greens.
The Raven and the Eagle engage
Feathers fly.
Between their combat and the Earth
We see, what has forever been,
A pure white Dove with tremendous wings
Pure light illuminating His body,
An olive branch in His beak.
The Earth turns, as battles rage,
The Holy Spirit guards over it all,
And Love will never fail.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I think of this as a video clip, but I have no skill. It came very forcefully. Now, you may believe I visualized it, but I have no capability for such. I see nothing in my head. Still, I wish I could draw it. I think it would be impressive.

Author: Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My life has gone through some rapid changes of which I had no control so I am now trying to find new purpose and meaning. There is an adventure in this and I am excited to move forward.

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