Maybe Today

We can spend time with
One another, talk, listen;
Pick up a book, magazine,
Newspaper, read good things.
On our pets, while they love us,
Play with a child, love them,
Read interesting storybooks, or
Make stories up together.
Color, draw, paint – something
Listen to music, sing along, or alone,
Pause some screen interaction,
See less bad news, avoid fear, panic,
We can discover an alcove of quiet
In whatever way we wish.
A long walk with mindfulness,
Bringing along a non-phone camera,
Writing letters to those we love,
Will treasure the gift of “real” mail.
We must not allow chaos, meanness,
In the public sphere to dictate
The persons we are and become.
Humans are able to transcend disasters,
Growing richer, better, more capable,
Polished, polite, kindly, generous,
People of LOVE!
We can rise, creating,
A world
Of possibility and opportunity.


As a prompt, I encourage you to put the world aside, a while. Enjoy the people, the places, the things that enrich your existence. If you wish, engage your creativity and produce something. Or if you are as exhausted as we often become, rest. Blessings to you and yours. Peace amidst the turmoil.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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