Him & Me

God is…
I wonder who I am
When I am here left
Alone to find my way through
These days where I cannot depend
On anything or anyone as in the past.
God is…
He says He is the Way
He says Jesus died for me
He says He will never leave me
He says no matter, I belong to Him
God says He loves all sinners, even me.
God is…
In Him, my life is found
In Him, grace forever abounds
In Him, there is hope for a future
In Him, there is strength for this day
I exist because the Lord chose to love me.
God is…
There is no mistake
He is the Truth and the Life
He is the reason I still survive
He hides me in Love when I am lost
He brings me safely through unto himself
He is the Resurrection, Proof, and Testimony
He is Eternity, and to Him, I cling in everything.
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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