What is harder than diamonds,
But fuels like coal?
The blatant disregard
We have for the dear things
Held sacred within people’s souls.
Often, we, unknowing
As a freshly diapered babe
Are only in ourselves given to see
What shines, brilliantly bright,
Though around us circle
Unnumbered universes of light –
Revealed in eyes that announce
Narratives of creation, creativity,
Inspiration, independently sourced.
We unthinkingly rush
Abhorrent uniform to wreak
Havoc with demands to conform –
The mountains, oceans, sky,
Beg, please have mercy on
Everyone, see, hear, know
All are brief and majestic,
Passing flowers of eternity.
We never exist alone, galaxies,
Civilizations, populations
Are inherently our home.
No strangeness is too strange,
For love survives all vexation,
Bringing reflections of potentiality.
Remember everything, every –
One of us is striving to graduate
To higher realms of becoming,
Being, meaning, which cannot
Block out or isolate the present.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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