Sand Through Hands

Time is running out
On the days given to spend,
Each moment nearer
The end, coming rapidly,
Choosing ways to remember.
Softly spoken words
Building structures of courage
Lifting toward joy,
A legacy of inspiration
Called from desperate foundations.
Changing destiny
With diligent effort, faith,
Convinced the broken
Can rise, remade in beauty
Becoming auspicious lives.
Never giving up
Though lonely shadows encroach
Finding starlight dusk
Choosing to reckon it good
As long as the wild heart beats.
Welcoming the love
Finally, given for passion,
Ardor lends life the spices
To encourage remaining
In the troublesome pursuit
Long after appetite loses
The power of motivation,
But revives over again,
Desire ravenous for fulfillment.

My Be Your Own Muse shirt and tablet.

Love is a strange thing;
Lifting to heights seldom climbed
Without its being.

He is not mine, no,
Just a dream I follow for
Today, tomorrow,
Tough times that I need someone
To keep me toeing the line.

I will not let you
See the tears track down my cheeks,
Though my heart does break,
All these people sleep, awake,
But cannot see how I ache.

Many works of art are hypothetical, only existing in imagination, but creators bring them into life. Make something antithetical to your reality.

Chocolate mint.
Dollar Tree.
Richard, in so many ways.
The Expanse.

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All Material © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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