Apt Riposte

The sword within the hottest flame
Is tested by the perfervid heat
When removed, it is full fearsome,
An object of searing white-hot beauty.
Quenched in frosty waters, then
Withdrawn, it becomes a weapon
Designated to banish foul atrocity
Protecting what is noble with honor.
If thus, each beating heart resolved,
Earth would more a place of love –
Continue with many fewer problems,
And an overflowing soul of kindness.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create something with myriad layers of meaning. See if your audience can penetrate the veneer.

Extremely Thankful:
I made it through the night and day, though extremely ill.
Wookie is an aspiring nursemaid.
Sleep is a tonic.
I scrounged up some caffeine without Diet Cokes.
Reba and Alex called me.

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All work on Chronicles and Haphazard Creative is © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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